GVK EMRI 108 Emergency Services geared up for Diwali

GVK EMRI 108 Services wishes for a happy and safe Deepawali

November 12: Deepawali is the festival of prosperity, joy and happiness. On the occasion of this festival of lights, 108 Emergency Response Services wishes everyone a very happy and safe Diwali. We hope that the festival brings prosperity in every one’s life.

Emergencies are uncertain and can happen to anyone, anytime at anywhere so, it is also equally important that while enjoying proper care is taken.

Enjoy the Diwali but with little care so that the emergency doesn’t occur.

Emergencies during Diwali occur mainly because of unsafe busting of crackers and not taking proper precaution while lightening lamps.  Excessive eating of sweets and unhygienic foods leads to acute abdomen or food positioning. Also too much of dust and smoke of crackers leads to respiratory problem.

Remember the following safety measures while burning crackers:

-          Wear the cotton clothes.

-          Burn crackers from distance, and place your head at a distance far from cracker.

-          Put a bucket filled with water near the place of burning crackers.

-          Never put crackers and inflammable substance in your pocket.

-          If you get burnt with cracker, immediately put ice on the burnt area of body or place   your body part in water.

-          Safeguard and keep your eyes away from the sparks and gases coming out of crackers.

-          Never burn crackers in your hands.

-          Place the rocket straight facing the sky.

-          Don’t burn crackers of high noise.

When to Call 108: On severe injury due to burn, electric shock, fire due to chemicals or crackers immediately Call 108. Never use the ice in case the children get burn, instead place a clean cloth and cover the burnt area of the body of child.

Precautions to be taken till 108 reach the scene:

-          Place the burnt surface of body in water, avoid using ice.

-          Don’t use powder or ghee or any other home remedies on burnt body surface, this always creates a chance of infection.

-          In case of severe burn, ask patient to lie down straight and put his burnt body part at a slight higher position from ground. Slowly remove the cloths from body. If blisters are formed, please don’t touch them as it might create infection at the burnt part.

-          Place cold water on the burnt body part.

Parag V Pande, Operation Head, GVK EMRI, M.P says “Just a small precautionary approach just multiplies the joy of the festival. Enjoy and be safe. In case there is any emergency then remember to call 108 and the help will reach. We wish everyone a very happy and safe Diwali. May the festival of lights bring great joy and happiness in every family. We shall request everyone to burn the crackers safely, we hope there shall not be any emergency but if any Emergency like severe fire burn, electric shock or food poisoning occurs, immediately Call 108 for help. We are always with you 24×7.”

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