AP Reorganisation Bill introduced in State Assembly

Dec 16: The discussion on the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill 2013 is yet to begin in the state Assembly despite tabling the draft bill this morning amidst acrimonious scenes. The house was adjourned without taking up any listed business for the day.

Deputy Speaker B. Vikramarka made several attempts in vain to take up the bill for discussion as the members supporting United Andhra Pradesh disrupted the proceedings. Chaotic scenes took place in the house when the house met in the afternoon after repeated adjournments.

Earlier in the morning, speaker N. Manohar tabled the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill 2013 amidst pandemonium.

Informing the house about the communication from the President, the Speaker said the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill drafted under the Article 3 of the Constitution has been circulated to members. He further said the draft Bill is being tabled in the Assembly under the 16th Chapter of the Assembly Rules, excluding rule 96, 97 and 98 which does not insist on voting.

Reading out the message from the President, Legislature Secretary Raja Sadaram said the Union Cabinet has drafted the Bill after wide consultations over bifurcation of the state and carving out a new state Telangana.

Shouting slogans and displaying placards, members from Telangana region demanded for immediate discussion over the bill while legislators from Seemandhra region wanted a resolution to keep the state united.

The members of both the regions thronged speaker’s podium creating chaotic conditions leading to repeated adjournments of the house.

Unprecedented scenes also have been witnessed on the premises of the Assembly and the Council as the legislators from both Telangana and Seemandhra regions nearly came to blows after the Reorganization Bill was tabled in the two houses.

The situation turned tense when the MLAs from Seemandhra region tore off and burnt the copies of the bill on the premises of the Assembly. Chaotic scenes took place when the MLAs of both the regions indulged in jostling each other in the presence of strong security force.

The TDP MLAs from Seemandhra region sat in dharna before the speaker’s chamber opposing introduction of the bill. The Business Advisory Committee meeting will decide the schedule of the discussion over the bill. Source: newsonair.com

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